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Peter J Schmieding DMD

Belgrade, MT



(406) 388-0550


Peter J Schmieding DMD
227 Spooner Road
Belgrade, MT 59714

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Bob Smith says:
Warning!!!! Do not go to Dr. Garson Or Peter Schmieding.‎ - ‎ - Today Sorry I have to write this because all the Staff is very nice and makes the visit very comfortable. I had two procedures done and cost me over $5000 and all of the work done has failed! I had one root canal done on one of my back teeth, 3 years after and my new dentist explained it was faultily installed and caused me miserable infections. Next I had got a front tooth knocked out, the following procedure i had done was called a Bridge. What they do is shave down your two teeth beside the one missing to stubs. Next they glue on a custom made cluster of three look alike teeth.There was nothing explained before the operation that it would destroy my other to teeth! Well the two teeth are rotting in my head, gums are dying and my new dentist says i need to get everthing taken out and get three new fake teeth implanted in my Jaw. So thanks Dr. Garson and Dr. Schmieding looks like your schooling has paid off $5,000 down and $7,000 more to go.